miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Favorite Manis From April + May's challenge!

Hello ladies!
April has been I great month for me. Not only in my personal life but in my nail art too. And I really wanted to show all of you my favorites manis of this month! I've improved a lot in my nail polish application, clean up and nail art techniques.
Challenges such as the one I did last month make me do nail art and make learn new techniques. If it wasn't because of this challenge I would have never done a braided mani or galaxy nails. Thats why I love this challenges, because they make you experience with new techniques and you always try to do your best.
This month I'll be doing the challenge too. And I will finish it as I did with the April's one. There are a lot of interesting things in this challenge so I'm actually pretty excited.

Ladies, I hope that May will be great to all of you. I can already feel that May is going to be an AMAZING month not only for me but for all of you! Start with a positive attitude and wake up everyday with a big smile on your face and thank God because He gave you one more day.


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