miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

May Nail Art Challenge Day 16!

Hello ladies!
Today's challenge was simple, a swatch of a pastel color. I swatched Sally Hansen's 'Lacey Lilac'. It is a beautiful crème light purple. Great coverage, no bubbles, full opacity with 1 coat and dries fast. I totally recommend this color for your coming spring manis.

 Of course I just couldn't leave my nails like that, I had to do nail art!
I wanted to do a glitter gradient, but it didn't work- note to myself: watch YT vids of glitter gradients-. Then I thought of dots, but it was too simple. So after 15 minutes of staring at my nails I decided to do a dot gradient, yes, you read that right! It is really simple to do with a dotting tool and acrylic paint. 
Isn't amazing? It has like a soap foam rising effect, I love it! 


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